Welcome to Yard Matters

Welcome to Yard Matters – where the artistry of nature meets the boundless realms of creativity! We're not just a gardening and landscaping business; we're the cultivators of your dreamscape. Our devotion to all things green and our innate love for nature have forged the path for Yard Matters Limited – a haven of innovative and ecologically conscious gardening solutions.

At Yard Matters, we wholeheartedly believe in the transformative power of a well-tended garden. Picture your outdoor space as a tranquil oasis, a haven of serenity where every leaf whispers secrets of rejuvenation.

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Our Services

Proudly serving residential and commercial garden maintenance and services in Te Awamutu, Cambridge, and the greater Waipa area, including the Hamilton area and beyond.

Care and Maintenance

Garden maintenance involves providing regular care to keep your garden thriving.

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Landscaping and Design

Landscape design and construction involve crafting beautiful and functional outdoor areas.

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Other Services

Garden clean-up and rejuvenation involve refreshing and revitalizing your garden.

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Ready to transform your Yard Matter into a captivating reality?

Your garden's journey to the extraordinary begins with a simple step.

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