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About Yard Matters

Where Passion for Gardening Flourishes

At the core of Yard Matters pulses a deep, unwavering love for the art of gardening. Our zeal for nurturing life, transforming outdoor spaces, and creating enchanting landscapes is the driving force behind our mission. We've cultivated a sanctuary where this passion thrives, extending its vitality to every project we undertake.

Crafting Sanctuaries of Serenity

We embrace the transformative power of a well-designed garden. To us, it's more than just an outdoor space; it's a realm of serenity, a sanctuary that resonates with tranquillity and natural charm. Our approach with each client is tailored and personal. We engage in a dance of creativity, attuning to your unique aspirations and dreams, ensuring that each garden we craft is a reflection of your individuality, regardless of its scale.

Commitment to Excellence and Precision

Our signature is precision, and our ethos is dedication to excellence. With careful selection of the finest materials and the use of top-tier tools, we ensure that each garden is a testament to our commitment to quality. Whether we are bringing a new garden to life or nurturing an existing landscape, we stand by your side, ready to transform your vision into a living, breathing masterpiece.

๐ŸŒฟ Embark on a journey with Yard Matters๐ŸŒฟ, where passion plants its roots, and gardens bloom into stories of beauty and tranquillity, each echoing your unique essence. Your garden's story begins with us.

Meet our team

Jade Connolly - Founder and Gardening Maestro  ๐ŸŒฑ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒฟ

For Jade, gardening transcends a mere job - it's the essence of his being. With a rich horticultural heritage pulsing through his veins, Jade's journey is a vivid tapestry of lush wisdom. His expertise in gardening isn't just knowledge; it's a refined art form honed with passion and dedication.

Jade stands apart in the gardening and landscaping world. His skill set is a vibrant spectrum of capabilities, allowing him to approach each project with a unique blend of creativity, precision, and professional finesse.

At the heart of Jade's business and personal journey are his partner and family, supporting and cherishing every step. To Jade, each project is more than a task; it's a canvas for his devotion. In his hands, your Yard Matters transform into a personal mission, a story waiting to be told through his skilled touch.

Embark on a gardening adventure with Jade Connolly. With him, gardens and landscapes evolve beyond mere spaces; they become narratives, nurtured with care as personal as it is professional. In your collaboration with Jade, your garden will unfold into a living masterpiece.

What we do

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Your dream outdoor space is within reach. Connect with us at Yard Matters, and let's weave something truly remarkable. Your garden's journey to the extraordinary begins with a simple step.





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